Brick & Mortar Repair

Masonry veneer issues can go unnoticed until a dramatic breakdown happens. These kinds of failures are primarily caused by a structure’s natural deterioration over time as a result of the unfavorable impacts of water infiltration and changing climatic and environmental circumstances.
Masonry decay is brought about by numerous factors. Skyline Masonry Repair provides the knowledge and tools necessary to address your worries, find the cause of the damage, and repair practically any architectural surface that has deteriorated.


Chimney & Fireplace Repairs

When your fireplace is not being used frequently is the ideal time to have repairs made. This promotes a solid repair and allows fixes to have the right amount of curing time. We examine the firebox, mortar cap, and outer stack of the fireplace when checking for repairs. Your firebox is meticulously cleaned, and any flaws are chiseled away. Next, we apply a mortar that is fire resistant and a finishing tool. Your masonry fireplace has a mortar cap over the top. We repair all of the mortar cap’s surface flaws.

Masonry Repairs
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Whole House Tuckpointing

If the mortar between the bricks on your brick fireplace, chimney, wall, house siding, or other brick building appears to be spotty, crumbling, or deteriorated it’s time to call Skyline Chimney & Masonry Services

The mortar that holds your bricks in place does not have the same lifespan as your bricks, despite the fact that bricks are a naturally long-lasting and sturdy building material with a lifespan of up to one hundred years.

In fact, every twenty to thirty years, mortar joints need to be filled or replaced.

Over time, the mortar inevitably deteriorates, cracks, or weakens, especially when additional strains from extreme weather, water damage, or other factors are present.

Tuckpointing, or the replacement of the mortar in between bricks, is a frequent component of any excellent brick care program for this reason. Repointing is another name for tuckpointing.

Foundation Repair

Bulging basement walls and evident settling issues with the foundation, including uneven floors and damaged brickwork, can cause outright fear!

Your Michigan home communicates with you through uneven floors, sticking doors and windows, leaning chimneys, cracking walls, and drywall nail pops. It’s essential to contact the experts who can permanently repair your property if you discover these foundation issues. Your comfort and your home’s market value can be restored with permanent foundation restoration using pier systems, wall braces, carbon fiber wall strengthening, and other cutting-edge techniques.

                                                                        Leak Repair & Waterproofing

The foundations of basements are prone to seepage by nature.For homes with basement foundations, even minor cracks and leaks can have significant ramifications. If left unaddressed, these issues can lead to structural deterioration and moisture-related problems that may only worsen over time.

The following are typical areas of concern when it comes to moisture issues in homes with basement foundations:

  • Water leakage between cracks in the footer and the concrete basement floor
  • Basement floor cracks that allow water to soak in
  • Evidence of deteriorating mortar joints in the basement walls that are allowing water to permeate.
  • Windows or perspiring walls that collect water and allow moisture to enter the basement
  • Walls that are slanted or bowed and allow water to enter the basement
  • Hidden subsurface water beneath the foundation that could harm the structure
  • Basement wall cracks that grow worse over time as the clay soils supporting the foundation expand and contract

As water always chooses the path of least resistance, it’s critical to fix structural issues in your basement as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Concrete Repairs

Is Your Sidewalk Broken or Sinking?

In addition to being vulnerable to weather deterioration, sidewalks are frequently utilized by persons jogging, running, biking, and scootering. Sidewalks frequently experience concrete sinking, concrete cracking, or concrete breaking due to heavy traffic, extreme rainfall damage, and other weather-related issues. This not only makes them appear unattractive, but it also renders them extremely hazardous for users.

Is your Concrete Driveway Broken or Sinking?

Driveways comprise of several thick cement slabs are commonly used to construct driveways. Due to their weight, the soil conditions underneath must be adequate to withstand the weight of the objects. There are a few factors that can cause soil to become unstable. The soil may shrink and compact when it dries out after being exposed to wet, depending on its makeup. The soil may wash away if there is a significant volume of underground groundwater. Your driveway’s foundation will no longer be able to support the weight of the cement once the earth beneath it becomes unstable. The end effect is an ugly, uneven driveway.

We can also install new custom porches and steps. Rest assured that we’ll use specialized professional equipment for your project. If your masonry has seen better days, call 586-746-9164 today.



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