Patio Repair & Installations

Skyline Chimney specializes in expert patio repairs in warren, St Clair Shores and the Metro Detroit Area. We  provide professional brickwork service for areas of your house besides the chimney because we are masonry professionals. To fulfill the demand from our clients in Macomb, County for patio repairs, we’ve expanded our services. Before beginning the required repairs, we may provide you an upfront pricing estimate for service if your patio or porch is in disrepair.

Many brick patios go through various forms of wear and tear. Brick patios require maintenance even though it is a very long-lasting and popular patio material. An incorrectly built brick patio could have more issues than others. Surface rutting, loose or rocking bricks, worn bricks, and wavy or sunken surfaces are some of the most typical patio repairs we do for our  clients.

We can ensure that your brick patio is secure and beautiful by keeping it well-maintained. One aspect of a home that might increase value is a well-maintained patio. We can examine your brickwork to make sure it is in top shape. Allow us to carefully evaluate your patio and give you our strategy for its repair if the walls or the pavement need to be repaired.

Porch & Step Repair & Installations

Enchance the Look & Safety Of Your Walkway

Our walkway pavers, which come in an incredible range of widths, forms, and other options, can be altered to match your home’s architecture, personal taste, and preferred outdoor lifestyle. The list includes cool grays, warm neutrals, dramatic charcoals, and more. In order for your pavestone walkways to blend seamlessly with the rest of your outdoor space, our designers will provide recommendations based on the color scheme and architectural style of your home. Our unique paver stone walkway designs will give your yard renewed character and distinguish your home from the other homes in the neighborhood, whether you want to add charm to a traditional home, add visual appeal to a contemporary yard, or thread a path through a cottage-style garden.

Porch & Patio Services

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